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All origins and all destinations, we always chose the most suitable shipping line with the appropriate connections

FCL full containers

LCL partial shipments

Reefer containers


We understand the meaning of deadlines and can propose the corresponding services. Door to door handling, direct flights and express services for a total control and timely deliveries. 

Camions et entrepôts

An extensive trucking network covering pick ups and deliveries all over Europe as well as Turkey, Iran and Russia

Partial shipments - LTL

Full truck shipments - FTL

Special convoy and IMCO

Project Cargo

Different projects have different specifications and shipping requirements. Our team studies each project seperaterly and put together tailor made solutions and adequate transport for your project. 


We operate several modern warehousing facilities strategically located close to ports, airports and major cities. Among the operations we provide are storage plans, consolidation services, stock management, and merchandise labelling.

Customs clearance

Through our global network of customs agents, we guide you to understand and comply with  the specific requirements related to each country and each product, both for your exports and imports.



Freightways Global Logistics organizes the transport of your merchandise throughout the world, in a personalised, most efficient and secured methods


Our services are based on solid business relationships we have built throughout the years with the best carriers, airlines, and trucking companies in all continents. This is how we offer our clients not only our own expertise and knowhow in logistics but also a full network of highly qualified and reliable partners. 


The key to our success is linked to yours. Our expertise and our network allow us to propose the most appropriate and complete logistics solutions for each of your expeditions, thus leaving you the time to focus on your core business. 




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